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Romance In Raleigh

I had so much fun shooting at the Rose Garden at the Raleigh Little Theater  its a hidden gem and such a great place to just hang out at! I was so happy to be able to take this sweet couples pictures so last minute. They looked like they stepped out of a magazine! I always say it but Im so lucky to have such great couples in front of my camera they make y job so much easier. Leave a comment tell me what you think. 

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  1. Megan says:

    Beautiful colors! I love North Carolina, so much vibrancy in the scenery. As a North Carolina photographer as well, sometimes I even have a hard time getting away from all the greenery! Cute!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Wow! These are stunning! You’re right you do have beautiful couples! NC has always been one of my favorite states!

  3. Erin Westermeyer says:

    Oh my, they are adorable! Love this! I’m getting ready to head to the Chapel Hill area– can’t wait!

  4. Mandi M says:

    First of all, your name is my sister’s name! She is Brieanna Nicole! But what a fun connection!

    Secondly, love the session. So sweet and what an awesome capture!


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